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5 Ways Managed Marketing Service Providers Power Home Healthcare Marketing Operations with Marketing Asset Management

Posted by Andrew Kaminsky on Apr 28, 2015 8:22:00 AM


Home Healthcare organizations with distributed locations throughout entire regions, or even throughout the country, rely on timely marketing, recruiting and training materials to maximize efficiencies.

As home healthcare organizations grow, and streamlined activity across departments and locations becomes more important and increasingly complex, managed marketing solution providers that provide services and marketing asset management technology to address challenges and pain points experienced by CMOs, Supply Chain personnel and HR/Training professionals are more important than ever.

5 Ways Marketing Asset Management Powers Home Healthcare Marketing Operations

  1. Recruiting.

According to Success Factors for Healthcare, “Nursing turnover is a major issue impacting the performance and profitability of healthcare organizations,” and “the financial cost of losing a single nurse has been calculated to equal about twice the nurse’s annual salary. Let’s do the math. If you google “average nurse salary” like I did, you will likely get the same info; $66,220. Multiply by 2; $132,440. If you are losing even one, it has to hurt. Badly. So, replacing quickly, at a low cost and high efficiency is important. HR professionals are challenged with the logistical issues of recruiting for many reasons, such as urgency, access and compliance, brand control and competition priorities. This creates an environment where HR professionals are forced to act quickly, updating job descriptions, developing collateral material such as online ads, signage, local newspaper advertisements, etc. These materials, printed or digital form, require storage and fulfillment. Once accessed, the HR pro needs to know the materials are both accurate and compliant. A strong managed marketing services provider knows the home healthcare market, and can help create customizable templates for each future ordering across markets. Powerful Marketing Asset Management technology ensures the materials are available “as-needed,” easily accessible and up to date.

  1. Onboarding/Training.

Speaking of the HR professional…something has to happen when the new talent is hired! We’ve all started new jobs, and are keenly aware of the amount of paperwork that surrounds office policies, healthcare coverage, payment information and other aspects of starting a new gig. Ever wonder where those materials come from? Well, the administrative assistant can either print out 300 pages of boilerplate info or source them to a local printer; however, both of those options are expensive and lack quality. Not to mention, once on the job, there are typically training programs prior to working with people in a medical capacity! Onboarding for home healthcare usually also means you need name badges, in home forms, uniforms and more for every new nurse. Procurement and production management solutions, paired with Marketing Asset Management technology, help elevate the pressure from Human Resources by consolidating the buy for improved pricing, improving speed to market, maintaining brand consistency and making ordering easy.

  1. In Home Forms and Branded Materials.

You’re a first class healthcare provider, right? Make sure your marketing materials are reflective of that! In the home healthcare field, patients and their families need to feel immediately secure, knowing that their care is in your hands. Let’s say this is a new nurse that was not caring for a patient during in-hospital treatment. When the nurse greets the patient and family in the home, the first impression is important; a new uniform, correctly branded nametag, the right printed forms, pens and notepads bearing the logo of the organization, a branded gift for the family, perhaps even a magnet logo on the car are all important aspects of the first impression. Does anyone see a pattern forming yet? Yes, a strong managed marketing services provider can guide human resource and marketing professionals, showing them industry leading solutions that help the brand stand out and be remembered for care and service. The marketing technology makes it easy to personalize and order as needed.

  1. State Specific-Healthcare Compliance.

Each state has different healthcare regulations that must be adhered to in order to avoid fines, loss of clientele and potential lawsuits. Healthcare organizations require service providers that understand, and help marketing and operations professionals keep materials legally compliant. Experienced distributed marketing management providers in the healthcare industry are cognizant of new rules and regulations needed to know prior to ordering materials, printing collateral and issuing paperwork. Their marketing asset management platforms, such as the MarketNow from DataSource, utilize intelligent store profiling that maintain parameters and specifics that vary state by state.

  1. Lobbyist Education.

Home Healthcare and Healthcare in general is the domain of each individual state. It is extremely important that our governing bodies are educated about the challenges the Home Care industry faces. How will you be heard? Lobbyists and/or your Government Administrative Organization are crucial to the success of healthcare organizations and the healthcare industry as well. It is essential to inform and equip lobbyist and the GAO with an accurate, positive depiction of your organization and its positions in order to empower them to assist in accomplishing goals related to care and growth. A strong MRM provider such as DataSource ensures that materials are kept up to date, are easily accessible and high quality, and can be distributed in a timely manner. This professionalism resonates with lobbyists, as well as any other audience, and is reflective of the high quality healthcare services your company provides.


This list can go on. As a CMO, HR Executive or Supply Chain professional in the healthcare industry, we know you are familiar with these challenges. DataSource can be your MRM provider to help assist you with these challenges.

To learn more, please download our white papers Marketing Asset Management; 5 Ways Distributed Marketers Can Drive Efficiency and Effectiveness" and Defining Marketing Resource Management.  

Also, feel free to reach out to me directly.  I am available via email at, or via phone at (908) 399-1359.   I look forward to talking more about how we can help power your home healthcare brand!

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