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How Home Services Brands Use Integrated Marketing Execution to Create Trust

Posted by Katie Dunbar on Aug 25, 2015 12:26:00 PM

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Home Services Brands Use Integrated Marketing Execution to Create Trust

Home Services Businesses Require Consumer Trust

As modern consumers, we are accustomed to doing research and selecting consumables at our discretion, ranging from what restaurant to dine in, where to shop and what items we purchase. We now have more choices than ever, and there is an intangible trust factor that has become increasingly important.

In store and in office consumer situations require trust, but that trust building differs for home service providers such as painters, lawn service and restoration companies where the professional is invited to the consumer’s home.  In this situation, the dynamics change. The consumer must have complete trust, not only in the business, but also in the people that will be servicing the home. From the service provider’s perspective, this need for trust causes an increased pressure to create a compelling marketing campaign that balances the human connection with conventional and digital marketing materials to gain the consumer’s confidence.

The world of marketing execution is becoming more complex with the convenience and popularity of social media and mobile, but the ever-present desire for a human connection as well. Home service brands can capitalize on this by following these marketing strategies in support of their business model before, during, and after they have provided their service:

Before the Sale

Getting a consumer’s attention as a trustworthy and reliable brand so that they will welcome you into their home is an essential ingredient of a successful marketing campaign.

How can you increase your chances of being found first, and looking reputable enough for the consumer to inquire?  Both franchise system marketers and franchise owners must evaluate the brand’s position online via search results (at the national and local levels), gain an understanding of reviews and social media reactions to see how you can improve your image, and develop a digital strategy.

Many brands use social media to position themselves as a customer-friendly and transparent organization. Make sure to acknowledge consumers on social media by responding to their posts.  Email marketing is an efficient tool used to drive leads, stay top of mind, offer discounts and promotions, and exemplify what makes you different from competitors. These digital efforts are crucial to succeeding at local marketing.

From a traditional marketing perspective, direct mail and advertising are two tactics used to efficiently drive business. As always, brand control is paramount. Sloppy advertisements, mailers with misspelled information, and other errors caused by lack of marketing oversight or inexperience can doom a brand in front of its potential audience. Who wants to invite someone into their home that can’t spell their name or organization correctly?

The best home service providers succeed at local marketing efforts to successful engage the customer. Do you?

During the Sale

Once the consumer schedules the appointment, the professional visiting the consumer’s home becomes a total representation of the brand. It’s crucial that the professional is well trained, represents the brand positively, and is able to capitalize on this human connection. He or she should be wearing a uniform, and should come prepared with branded merchandise such as pens or tote bags, as well as brochures with more info about the brand, to give the consumer. The professional should also have business cards to hand out, and should bring yard signs/banners to put up, before leaving. This shows brand consistency, and that the brand is meticulous and cohesive in their delivery and professionalism, which will resonate with the consumer.

After the Sale

Once the service is completed, the brand must follow up with a call, email, postcard, etc. to ensure the consumer is satisfied, and to drive potential new business referrals. Also add the consumer to the brand’s direct mailing list and e-blast campaign list to keep them informed and engaged to ensure your brand is top of mind.

Bringing It All Together: Integrated Marketing Execution

By using the strategies described within, brands will be able to leverage the personal connection made with marketing execution, and establish the brand as proficient and reliable. However, the actual marketing execution presents a whole new challenge to the home services franchisee. 

  • How does the franchisee access brand compliant materials?
  • Who does the franchisee use to execute when they are not familiar with multi-channel marketing providers and what pricing should be expected?
  • How does the franchisee produce the materials with quality and competitive pricing when they are a small user of these services and volumes don't warrant the same price breaks that a large buyer might receive?

Marketing Asset Management and Managed Service Providers for Distributed Brands

Franchise systems, now more than ever, are utilizing Managed Services Providers to help their brands gain consumer loyalty and thrive locally.  This is accomplished through a sophisticated Marketing Asset Management technology that streamlines processes related to the development of content, ongoing management of marketing collateral, control of brand quality, automated marketing fulfillment, reporting and analytics, and overall ability to reduce cost and labor inefficiencies.

DataSource has written white papers on several areas that may be of interest to franchise brands that are interested in streamlining marketing execution and bringing cost efficiencies and multi-channel marketing execution to their franchisees:

To learn more about how DSI’s services can support your home services organization, email me directly at, or schedule time to talk using the button below.  We look forward to talking more about how we can help you Power Your Brand.

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