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Top 8 Restaurant Marketing Blogs

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Sep 5, 2014 8:06:00 AM

Top 8 Restaurant Blogs by DataSourceThe restaurant marketing industry and the experts, gurus, and evangelists that reside in it, produce an endless amount of analysis, insight, advice, and thought leadership. This advice arrives omni-channel (yes, another buzzword) through social media, streaming videos, webinars, blogs, sponsored LinkedIn posts, and other vehicles of distribution. However, for the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to focus on influential news sites and blogs, and the writers behind them, who offer the sage-like advice that we, as marketers in the restaurant industry, aim to continually be aware of as the space continues to evolve.

  1. Nation’s Restaurant News provides restaurant related content in all areas of the business, as well as a marketing section chock full of ideas and news that can be interpreted and applied by those in the industry. Their in-depth analysis of what both large and small brands are doing in the space provides any restaurant marketer with ideas they can apply to their own location. This benefits those at the top of the food chain, implementing marketing strategy for brands with thousands of locations, as well as small business owners and marketers, with the tools and insight needed to make a dent in their local market. A good example of this is the recent coverage of Sonic’s Snapchat rollout of their “mystery disappearing slush.” Is the slush important to most marketers? No, but it might be helpful to share how the brand used a social media strategy to tease then engage its fan base. Also, they bring in outside insight from industry veterans, such as this Must Read piece: “9 Tips from ‘Bar Rescue’ Star Brian Duffy.”
  1. Restaurant Magazine does a brilliant job of providing short, trend specific posts which resonate with any marketing professional. Of equal interest to online readers with limited attention spans (all of us), they provide some articles in list formats, which are easier to skim through and apply to your business, as needed. Their Must Read is in this exact format, leaving no room for confusion when clicking: 10 Steps to Creating an Effective Restaurant Newsletter.
  1. Restaurant Hospitality Marketing is yet another example of a site providing targeted information and content to its audience. What we like most about the content on their website is the focus on digital media, mobile marketing, and other evolving technologies and trends in the space. Their content resonates with established industry veterans as well as newbies experiencing the growing pains of working in the cutthroat restaurant business. A good example is this Must Read: Facebook Offers Open Table Reservations Through Mobile.
  1. Ready to review a fun blog authored by Charlie Hopper, someone who has clearly mastered the skill of Internet writing? Check out Selling Eating, a creative blog intended to reach marketers, advertisers, and communicators in the restaurant industry. Charlie’s use of graphics, images, and links provide an interactive forum for his readers, making the experience a favorable one and easy to analyze and apply to your own brand. Must Read: Should You Prank Your Customers? Tim Horton’s Says yes.
  1. has established itself as a reliable source for news, analysis and features for restaurant marketers. They share an abundance of data on the website, including white papers, supplier information, and more. What’s more, they provide insight regarding menu additions, such as this Must Read piece – A Thing for Wings – which provides insight and tips on cost, flavor, and more.
  1. For the women in food service, if you place an emphasis on networking or job hunting but want to cut through the clutter, the Women’s Foodservice Forum is an industry leader in providing educational materials used to better your career, with a focus on networking events, content downloads, and collaboration. Must Read: The interesting perspective and leadership found in “A Roadmap to the C-Suite – Factors Influencing Success.
  1. Most professionals in the online space have heard of SmartBrief, somewhat of an aggregator of high quality content shared across industries and verticals to cut-down on the online clutter we encounter everyday. Their Food and Beverage coverage is fantastic, featuring both high-level viral stories, with granular insight and tips from the smaller publications on the web. Additionally, they share interactive content such as polls, including this Must Read poll “Does Your Menu Focus on One Type of Cuisine or a Multicultural Mix?
  1. Aptly named, let’s wrap this list with – led by Joel Cohen. Any website with “Restaurant” and “Marketing” in the URL shows understanding of web searches and how to best drive traffic. The best features of Joel’s blog consist of content specific to certain niches in the restaurant industry such as using social media, creating a newsletter, tips for how to engage patrons, and other areas of expertise. What can you learn from Joel? He teases information from his audience in exchange for contact information (his marketing strategy but it could be yours too) which results in repeat visitors and overall traffic. Must Read: “Restaurant Marketing: The Secret Way to Spice up your Newsletter.”

Did we miss your blog, or your favorite source of restaurant marketing content? Please feel free to let us know by commenting below or e-mailing us at

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