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More Than FDA Menu Compliance: Integrated Menu Solutions for National Restaurant Brands

Posted by Cindy Lawrence on Jul 24, 2015 8:15:00 AM

By now, most marketers at both executive and local levels have come to terms with the added costs and headaches created by the FDA’s mandatory caloric labeling. Strong marketers grasp the challenge in front of them, and most have identified a means to address the regulation by training workers and identifying technologies that they believe will keep their menus and menu boards consistent.

However, for those managing marketing initiatives in hundreds or even thousands of restaurant locations, there are further steps to be taken to ensure that not only is their marketing compliant, but can integrate within their own marketing initiatives.

National restaurant brands can benefit from partnering with a managed services provider for an integrated approach to creative, procurement, production, ordering and distribution of menu and menu related materials.

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6 Daily Reads for Distributed Sales and Marketing Integration

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Feb 11, 2015 8:38:28 AM

If you are a large organization with a distributed sales team, you probably know the challenges of creating and distributing sales material to local markets all too well. These difficulties often reside through inefficiencies in consistent branding, production and fulfillment costs and lack of creative input when structuring marketing campaigns.

Sales and marketing are a marvelous blend, and as such, the sales teams we work with are always eager to digest information that focuses not only on the difficult art of selling, but also on the importance of solving marketing challenges that lead to better marketing and sales integration.

So, where do you go for this type of content, and who can you rely on to fill your in box or social feed with relevant, useful information?  We have identified several news and blog sites that we feel share an abundance of strong marketing tips, ideas and integration advice for sales professionals, leading to increased revenue for the company, and profit for the sales agent.  Happy reading!

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What is Marketing as a Service [MaaS]?

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Oct 6, 2014 3:32:00 PM

Incorporating evolving or proven strategies into a marketing program is a constant challenge for companies of all sizes, regardless of budget and resources. The increasing focus on digital media, localization and personal relevance further complicates execution. This evolving state requires a focus on “real-time marketing” that is centered upon consumer behavior, with different action items prepared for the reaction of a target audience, with an omni-channel approach. Distributed marketing and sales teams entering new territories or new channels often face these challenges.

It is difficult to capitalize on marketing and advertising opportunities because of limited resources, skill sets and complexity. When brands attempt to handle all elements related to local marketing execution in-house, the tasks often distract internal personnel and resources from their strategic goals, resulting in time management challenges and failure to focus on core business needs.

For these reasons and more, Marketing as a Service (MaaS) has emerged as a concept that fills in the gaps for brands seeking assistance in developing marketing strategies, creating campaigns and executing of projects. 

What is Marketing as a Service [MaaS]?

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3 Ways Distributed Marketing Solutions Increase Productivity in Local Markets

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Jul 14, 2014 3:34:56 AM

Marketers in large organizations with distributed locations such as restaurant, retail, financial, healthcare, and others have long been faced with the challenge of providing effective and consistent content to marketers at the local level. These individuals, often restaurant managers, franchise owners, store managers or local sales representatives, require content that is approved at the enterprise level but customized for their specific audience and market.

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6 Ways Best-In-Class Managed Service Providers Save Time and Reduce Expenses

Posted by Cindy Lawrence on May 16, 2014 1:07:48 PM

Promoting through marketing and print is a crucial tool in expanding a brand’s customer base, delivering high-quality products and maximizing profits. Often the challenge is striking the right balance between the departments responsible for finding the best fit for the company’s marketing and printing needs. Whether it’s Marketing, Supply Chain, Training, Human Resources or some combination, each department has its own – and sometimes conflicting – roles and responsibilities.

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Local Store Marketing

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 5:17:14 PM

Local Store Marketing, or “neighborhood marketing,” refers to complex and variable distribution based on the needs of individual business locales. This means meeting the needs of the store based on consumer, competition and store characteristics on a local level. The issue is that Local Store Marketing is becoming more complex. The challenge of local marketing execution involves timely, accurate integration of messaging across multiple channels. In the DataSource “Local Store Marketing” guide, learn what tools are out there for companies to implement successful branded campaigns fast.

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