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How Home Services Brands Use Integrated Marketing Execution to Create Trust

Posted by Katie Dunbar on Aug 25, 2015 12:26:00 PM

Home Services Businesses Require Consumer Trust

As modern consumers, we are accustomed to doing research and selecting consumables at our discretion, ranging from what restaurant to dine in, where to shop and what items we purchase. We now have more choices than ever, and there is an intangible trust factor that has become increasingly important.

In store and in office consumer situations require trust, but that trust building differs for home service providers such as painters, lawn service and restoration companies where the professional is invited to the consumer’s home.  In this situation, the dynamics change. The consumer must have complete trust, not only in the business, but also in the people that will be servicing the home. From the service provider’s perspective, this need for trust causes an increased pressure to create a compelling marketing campaign that balances the human connection with conventional and digital marketing materials to gain the consumer’s confidence.

The world of marketing execution is becoming more complex with the convenience and popularity of social media and mobile, but the ever-present desire for a human connection as well. Home service brands can capitalize on this by following these marketing strategies in support of their business model before, during, and after they have provided their service:

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More Than FDA Menu Compliance: Integrated Menu Solutions for National Restaurant Brands

Posted by Cindy Lawrence on Jul 24, 2015 8:15:00 AM

By now, most marketers at both executive and local levels have come to terms with the added costs and headaches created by the FDA’s mandatory caloric labeling. Strong marketers grasp the challenge in front of them, and most have identified a means to address the regulation by training workers and identifying technologies that they believe will keep their menus and menu boards consistent.

However, for those managing marketing initiatives in hundreds or even thousands of restaurant locations, there are further steps to be taken to ensure that not only is their marketing compliant, but can integrate within their own marketing initiatives.

National restaurant brands can benefit from partnering with a managed services provider for an integrated approach to creative, procurement, production, ordering and distribution of menu and menu related materials.

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How Best in Class Beverage Brands Manage POS Programs

Posted by Craig Eihl on May 19, 2015 10:47:36 AM

One of the most common challenges we hear from national beverage brands with distributed sales teams is that the field and national marketing teams are both spending so much time problem solving and handling one-off requests that they can’t focus on doing what they do best – marketing and selling.

From challenges with creative development to procurement and marketing collateral distribution, marketing and training groups at enterprise spirits brands are looking for partners to improve costs, shorten timelines, and ease the pains for their associates.

Managed marketing solutions providers with strong POS program management experience provide marketing and supply chain with the control and process needed to deliver and track marketing collateral, while empowering sales professionals at the local level with marketing collateral, branded merchandise and POS displays needed to drive revenue.

If you are exploring managed marketing solution providers, here are three key areas to consider for your POS program:

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5 Ways Managed Marketing Service Providers Power Home Healthcare Marketing Operations with Marketing Asset Management

Posted by Andrew Kaminsky on Apr 28, 2015 8:22:00 AM

Home Healthcare organizations with distributed locations throughout entire regions, or even throughout the country, rely on timely marketing, recruiting and training materials to maximize efficiencies.

As home healthcare organizations grow, and streamlined activity across departments and locations becomes more important and increasingly complex, managed marketing solution providers that provide services and marketing asset management technology to address challenges and pain points experienced by CMOs, Supply Chain personnel and HR/Training professionals are more important than ever.

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Marketing Asset Management for Weather Driven Real Time Marketing

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Jan 28, 2015 10:55:00 AM

How Can Brands Market Around Weather Related Opportunities?

As recently noted by AdWeek, Winter Storm Juno, or as displayed on social media, #BlizzardOf2015, provided marketers behind brands with infinite opportunity to reach new audiences and promote their business. As restaurants, retail, and professional services brands utilize the storm to represent a marketing touch point or generate store traffic, opportunity for speed to market and reduction of marketing failure still exists.

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Making the Most of Marketing Assets

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Apr 24, 2014 8:35:32 AM

Marketing asset management is complicated. As a marketer, you are often asked for files and collateral several times a day, in addition to being asked to version pieces of creative that may have already been done. The points below demonstrate how technology in a distributed marketing management platform is used to make the most of marketing assets and reduce ongoing costs.

Asset duplication

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Five Ways to Power Your Brand with Marketing Asset Management

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Apr 14, 2014 9:12:12 AM

No matter the name — Marketing Asset Management or Distributed Marketing Platform — marketers at big brands with multiple local markets or agents are in need of solutions that make their time more efficient and campaigns more cost effective. One-size-fits-all software served as the initial solution to many of these everyday problems, but the technology has evolved.

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Reduce Content Creation Costs with Dynamic Templates for Local Use

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Mar 26, 2014 4:53:44 PM

With small marketing budgets and even smaller marketing teams, for brands without a marketing asset management solution, the creation of marketing collateral is typically done by one person who creates one version, one piece at a time, then creates versions for the local market as needed. We call these “one-offs.” So, one poster for a brand with 500 locations could take weeks to version. While it may initially appear that one employee can handle content creation without putting a strain on the finances of a company, the truth is that this method is inefficient.

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