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What's in the CMO Inbox?

Posted by Tracy Sloger on Feb 19, 2015 5:19:00 PM

The CMOs Flooded Inbox

If you are like me, this is what your inbox looks like every 15 minutes.  50% or more of your emails are from solicitors or content producers you have opted into at one time or another (including ours).

For marketers in enterprise level positions, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with internal email, let alone the flood of outside content.

How do you decide on what to keep or toss? How do you know which ones you unsubscribe from? Or, how do you know who to seek out?


There are a few we read daily. These websites often provide fresh takes and best practices relative solutions CMOs need to inform their strategy and tactical marketing plans.

Happy reading!

  1. – Direct Marketing News consistently delivers content that resonates with marketers. This post from Ginger Colon on Cross-Channel Marketing provides insight into cross-channel marketing being “vital to today's brands and the crucial steps that marketers need to take to engage audiences from a customer-first perspective, rather than a channel-first perspective.”

  2. Harvard Business Review – Long established as one of the most respected and informative media publishers, Harvard Business Review continues to publish content that can be applied to marketing professionals of all industries. We reached deep into the archives to share a piece that makes a strong recommendation for marketing integration across all corporate departments within a company.

  3. Advertising Specialty Institute – This website, more than most, covers many “non-digital” storylines that can be utilized by sales and marketing professionals at all levels. A great example lies within the study ASI performed regarding the effectiveness of promotional materials (think: pens, stress balls, etc.). The study found that “nearly 85% of consumers surveyed recall the advertiser associated with a promotional product”

  4. Aberdeen (and its affiliates) – Aberdeen, a research and analytics firm for information technology companies and products, may be associated with providing marketing data as one of its core competencies. However, they also publish marketing blog, CMOEssentials, which provides data analysis but interprets and publishes insight from a marketing point of view. This piece by Peter Ostrow stresses collaboration across all departments, and its overall improvement on closing sales leads.

  5. – If one were to be seeking tips on managing a marketing department, especially one covering many locations, one could do no better than In addition to publishing best practices, case studies, and interviews with top C-Suite personnel, does a great job of providing insight for maintaining a handle on your marketing program. This post, “8 Strategies for B2B Marketing Success,” begins with an emphasis on making sure goals are set, and includes further tips on soliciting feedback from your team.

  6. Daniel Newman on HuffingtonPost – Daniel Newman seamlessly blends marketing with technology, and shows how integration between the two can yield exceptional results. His posts are often designed for a C-Suite audience, elaborating on best practices that can be implemented in both short and long-term. This recent post highlights the trend of hiring customer officers and data officers, and why they will have a direct impact on marketing and sales leadership.

  7. Forrester – Similar to Aberdeen, Forrester represents another research and advisory firm that does an exceptional job at blending data with content in a manner that provides instant insight for the Chief Marketing Officer. This post, courtesy of Sheryl Pattek, highlights the CMO’s emerging role across the enterprise, Forrester’s prediction for 2015. This sentence speaks volumes of the responsibility placed upon the CMO’s shoulders, “In 2015, CMOs will rally the organization around winning, serving, and retaining customers as efficiently as possible, requiring specific changes to the organization that will affect how decisions are made, how success is measured, and what role outsiders like agencies will play.”

Of course, we send out content relative to optimizing services and technology that manages the creation and delivery of content to local markets.  We would love you to sign up for our blog, if you have not already, and in doing so, we will opt you into our content that comes out every now and then.

And, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that there are several other terrific content providers. in fact, we named several in our last post relative to sales and marketing reads.  And, as we come across more, it is likely we will feature additional providers.  What can we say, we love to read, and we love to share what we are into!


But, hey, did we miss a few? What are you reading?

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